Captain Irvin Lenton Griffin Jr. in his 1950 Jacksonville,FL Police Dept. Uniform

Father of Charles Griffin

Officer O. C. Crews of the 1938 Jacksonville FL Police Dept.

Grandfather of Charles Griffin

Chief Investigator Charles I. Griffin of

Charles I. Griffin Confidential & Private Investigative Agency

Present Day Photograph

Detective Charles I. Griffin

During his 20Yr, Career with the

Office of the Sheriff Jacksonville, FL Police Department


Charles I. Griffin is a retired veteran  detective with over 20 Yrs service with  the Consolidated Office of the Sheriff, Jacksonville Police.  Griffin was decorated with the police Medal of Merit and he received a host of other awards for outstanding police & detective work throughout his career. Griffin was a 3rd generation law enforcement officer following in the footsteps of his grandfather & father who also served and protected the good citizens of the City of Jacksonville in the Great State of Florida.

Griffin attened New Orleans Theological Seminary where he graduated with a BA in Christian Ministry. He also receieved his Accredited State of Florida Police Training at The Northeast Florida Criminal Justice & Training Center in Jacksonville, FL which is now affliated with Florida State College.

As A Private Investigator I love bringing my client's investigations to a truthful and successful conclusion that meets my client's investigative needs and gives them a peace of mind. I also enjoy restoring happiness to my client's whenever I recover their stolen property or reunite them with one of their lost/missing loved ones.     it gives me a since of fullfilment & joy  whenever I can help people in times of trouble and restore their peace of mind & security.