Jamers out of  5 star

Great ss O. 5 staresp  tonceo my immediate requests founnamed male. Got seminal info in record time for me to know who/what I am dealing with. Great job attention to detail and analyticalr info on 


   Edith L15/2/2019ReportEdit ResponseIt was a pleasure working with Mr Griffin. I would definitely recommend him to others. I was truly impressed with his background and experience. His fees are reasonable and he has a warm personality. He is definitely the one to pick.





 My name is Sonia and I want to say that Mr. Charles Griffin private investigator Sand I just wan Mr.vestigator that I sayhad was awesome he help me with a lot of stuff when I thought my husband was cheating on me he ran phone numbers he did background checks whenever I asked Mr. Charles to do something he does it he works for you whatever you need he will get it for you, Mr. Griffin is a very great private investigator that wor very hard tomake his customers happy if you ever need someone to look up something for you to find someone for you to track someone for you Mr. GriffinHi my namonia e isi s  the one you would want on your team. Mr. Griffin prices are awesome he will not cheat you out of your money what he offers is more than what he's asking you to pay him just remember he works for you whatever you need you just ask him and he will do it. If I ever need a PI for anything else I will most definitely contact Mr. Charles Griffin. Thank you so much for help with my problem, you accomplish everything that I needed you to do now I know the truth . Mr. Griffin I look forward to contacting you again if I ever have any other issues. Again I would like to thank you Mr, Charles Griffin for all your help.

Sonia M. February 18,2018



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Michael D.

5 out of 5 stars

Mr. Griffin is a real stand up gentleman.
Did exactly what he said he would and in super record time. He also cared enough to listen to my needs.



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