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Civil & Criminal Investigations

This includes such cases on the civil side as:
  1. Divorce  cases
  2. Marriage Infidelity/Cheating
  3. Child Custody Cases
  4. Assest Location
  5. Boyfriend/ girlfriend  infidelity / cheating
  6. Background Checks on potential fiance’ boyfriends, employees, nannys, household staff members
  7. Background checks on church clergy or volunteers.
  8. Missing Person / Run Away not being handled bt Law Enforcement
This includes such cases on the criminal investigative side:
  1. Closed Homicide Investigation or Homicide Cold Cases
  2. Misdemeanor or Felony Employee Thefts not being handled by Law Enforcement
  3. Exploitation of an Elderly Person
  4. Nursing Home Abuse
  5. Child Abuse not being handle d by Law Enforcement or State Children’s & Family Services
  6. Missing Person Foul Play Suspected not being handled by Law Enforcement
  7. Any other type of criminal offense that is not being actively investigated by law enforcement,

Surveillance Investigation

Regardless of the situation ( whether marital infidelity ,boyfriend/girlfriend infidelity, child custody cases or etc.)in m our surveillance investigations I will send two agents in am under cover investigative vehicle to follow the subject person of the investigation everywhere they go and observe their every activity. If they observe the subject engaged in any suspicious activity my agents will take still photographs and video footage to document it as evidence for our client’s investigation

All of our agents are former or retired professionally trained Law Enforcement Officers with over 20 years of investigative experience.

Please note that we require a FOUR HOUR MINIMUM on each surveillance investigation conducted.

At the conclusion of our surveillance investigation, we will give each client a neatly organized investigative file folder that contains the following: a typed report of my agent’s observations during the surveillance investigation ( mainly such things as who, what,120 free spins for real money when, where, & etc.), A CD of any still pictures taken, and a DVD of any video footage taken. You will also receive a free complimentary background report on all subject(s) involved in the surveillance investigation.

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